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  • Gabra Manfas Qeddus — (also familiarly called Abo) was an Ethiopian Christian saint, and the founder of the monastery of Zuqualla.. The fifth day of every month in the Ethiopian calendar is dedicated to this saint. [Donald N. Levine, Wax and Gold: Tradition and… …   Wikipedia

  • ГАБРА МАНФАС КЕДДУС — [эфиоп. раб Св. Духа], эфиоп. св. (пам. эфиоп. 27 магабита (23 марта)). Наряду со св. Таклой Хайманотом является наиболее чтимым в Эфиопии. Центром почитания Г. М. К. является гора Зыкуала в обл. Фатагар. Его житие, издаваемое в наст. время П.… …   Православная энциклопедия

  • Äthiopischer Kalender — Der Äthiopische Kalender ist eine in Äthiopien verwendete Variante des Koptischen Kalenders . In der Jahreszählung ist der Äthiopische Kalender dem Koptischen um 276 Jahre voraus. Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Jahreszählung 2 Monate 3 Monatliche… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Ge'ez language — Infobox Language name=Ge ez nativename=Unicode|ግዕዝ transl|sem|Gəʿəz Ethiopic pronunciation= [ɡɨʕɨz] states=Ethiopia, Eritrea and Israel extinct=Extinct [GEE] ] by the 13th centuryFact|date=February 2007, remains in use as a liturgical language No …   Wikipedia

  • Tabot — NOTOC Tabot (Ge ez ታቦት tābōt , sometimes spelled tabout ), is a Ge ez (as well as Ethio Semitic) word referring to a replica of the Tablets of Law, onto which the Biblical Ten Commandments were inscribed, used in the practices of the Ethiopian… …   Wikipedia

  • List of Ethiopians — The following is a list of some famous Ethiopians. See also .Athletes*Abebe Bikila *Derartu Tulu *Gezahegne Abera *Haile Gebrselassie *Theodor Gebre Selassie Czech footballer Ethiopians father *Kenenisa Bekele *Mamo Wolde *Meseret Defar *Millon… …   Wikipedia

  • Mount Zuqualla — Elevation 2,989 m (9,806 ft) …   Wikipedia

  • Sabagadis — Subagadis (baptismal name Za Manfas Qedus ; c. 1770 1831) was a Dejazmach or governor of Tigray, a province in northern Ethiopia. He was the son of Shum Waldu of Agame, and a member of the Irob people.Sebagadis gained some notoriety in the 1800s… …   Wikipedia

  • Ada'a Chukala — is one of the 180 woredas in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia. [In the [http://oromiagov.org/Socio%20Economic%20Profile/East%20Shewa/East%20Shewa.pdf Socio economic profile of East Shewa ] (last accessed 1 August 2006) the Government of Oromia… …   Wikipedia

  • Tigrigna — ትግርኛ / tegregna Parlée en  Erythree !Érythrée   …   Wikipédia en Français

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